About WHF

WHF is a premier, nonpartisan association of women and men that actively promotes its members in the fields of housing and financial services while retaining a focus on its women members. WHF promotes its members through the presentation of topical and timely programs and opportunities in housing, financial services, professional enrichment, and leadership enhancement, and the opportunity to meet with government and private sector leaders in these areas.

WHF has been the industry’s standard for more than 40 years by:

  • Maintaining its position as a recognized and respected forum for policy development and dialogue.
  • Offering quality programs, including monthly luncheons featuring important policy makers, an annual symposium on topical issues in housing and financial services, free brown bag lunches, and receptions, evening, and other events for timely and relevant discussions.
  • Maintaining a diverse membership from the public and private sectors, ranging from top policy makers to new professionals in the housing and financial services industries.
  • Retaining a focus on support for women in the fields of housing and financial services by providing leadership opportunities, mentoring, and a job board for vacancy announcements and promotions.
  • Presenting professional enrichment programs and volunteer opportunities that meet members’ needs and interests.
  • Offering networking opportunities, including with organizations that have missions similar to WHF’s mission.
  • Providing members with access to a directory of 500 professionals in the fields of housing and financial services.
  • Remaining self-supporting with a balanced budget.

WHF is committed to providing its members with:

  • Opportunities for professional enrichment by providing access to timely policy developments from senior policy leaders and decision makers in the fields of housing and financial services.
  • A non-partisan approach to programs to ensure an unbiased forum for discussion and consideration of ideas, proposals, and view
  • Regular reevaluation of the form and content of its programs to ensure that WHF continues to provide high-quality programs at a fair value to members and meets the changing needs and desires of its membership.
  • Enhance members’ professional skills by providing opportunities for leadership roles on WHF events, committees, and the WHF board of directors.
  • Access to and the opportunity to market new private and public sectors jobs and careers in housing and finance.
  • Opportunities to interact and share experiences with a diverse membership of seasoned professionals, members starting their careers, and with organizations that have missions similar to that of WHF.
  • Making a difference to support members to start or enhance their careers in housing and finance through mentorship and professional development programs.
  • Personal enrichment through the social interaction of WHF activities and volunteer opportunities for community outreach, including through the WHF Foundation.

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