Opportunities to Participate

Women in Housing and Finance welcomes the active participation of WHF members in events,committees,and volunteer opportunities.

Please contact the WHF office by email or call 703-683-4742 if you are interested in participating in any of the following WHF committees:

Communications Committee: 
The Communications Committee performs the important task of disseminating information about WHF's events and activities to the public and promotes the WHF brand. The Committee ensures media coverage of WHF events; drafts news releases; provides WHF news to newspapers, other media organizations, and social media; and coordinates the development of the WHF Website design and content.

Membership and Partnership Committee:
The Membership and Partnership Committee actively works to recruit new members and retain existing members. The Committee coordinates with the WHF Board to identify opportunities that help to improve the WHF membership experience, develop new WHF leaders, and market and promote WHF programs and activities to prospective members. It also identifies strategic partnerships with organizations that help to complement and promote WHF’s values and programs, offer education, resources, and professional development opportunities in housing and finance to WHF members, and have the potential of broadening WHF membership. The Committee has two subcommittees, Mentorship and Young Professionals.

Mentorship Subcommittee develops mentoring programs for WHF membership. This Subcommittee coordinates with the leadership of the WHF Membership Committee to identify mentoring opportunities that serve to develop new WHF leaders and improve both the WHF membership experience as well as the professional and career experience of members. The Subcommittee helps to execute marketing and promotional plans to include programs for recruitment and activities that focus on new member orientation. The Subcommittee also undertakes activities to educate members about the full range of WHF mentoring opportunities and benefits as well as encourages members to take on leadership and supporting roles throughout the WHF organization.

Young Professional Subcommittee actively works to implement priority YP activities that have been established by the leadership of WHF Membership Committee. This Subcommittee works in conjunction with the leadership of WHF Membership Committee to identify opportunities that will improve the WHF YP membership experience. It also coordinates with the leadership of WHF Mentorship Subcommittee to identify YPs and introduce them to WHF mentoring programs; contribute ideas and make suggestions that will promote both social and professional activities of interest to WHF YP members; and help market and promote WHF programs and activities to other YPs. 

Program Committee: 

The Program Committee arranges speakers and locations for public policy luncheons, brown-bag lunches, and special WHF events.

Monthly public policy lunches are the focal point for WHF's activities. Public policy lunches feature as speakers senior executives in the financial services, housing, and housing finance areas from Congress, the Administration, independent government agencies, and the private sector. These events are open to both WHF members and the public, but at a reduced rate to WHF members.
Brown-bag lunches provide a free flowing discussion in which WHF members can focus on issues of interest in an informal atmosphere. Most speakers are policy makers in the financial services, housing, and housing finance, or experts in professional development. The meetings are strictly off-the-record. These events are offered for free and may be attended only by WHF members.
Special events include the annual Congressional reception, financial regulators’ General Counsel panel, legislative reception, and other events, sometimes partnering with other organizations. These events are open to both WHF members and the public, but at a reduced rate for WHF members.

Sponsorship Committee: 

The Sponsorship Committee works with the WHF board of directors to identify opportunities for individual and organizational sponsors that support WHF events and activities. The Committee determines the levels of sponsorship and conducts outreach to sponsor individuals and organizations on behalf of WHF.

Symposium Committee:
The Symposium Committee organizes the annual WHF Symposium, which is one of WHF’s flagship events that feature emerging issues in the financial services, housing, and housing finance fields and their impact on consumers, business, and the economy. The day-long event provides an avenue for WHF members to broaden their understanding of current issues and to have access to keynote speakers from the Administration, Executive branch and regulatory agencies, and the public and private sectors. The Committee orchestrates the event’s content, speakers, and general proceedings. Symposium topics that have been covered in the past include perspectives on credit and liquidity in housing finance; Dodd-Frank implementation; the future of housing finance; and most recently, the impact of financial technology (FinTech) on the financial services industry