Member Spotlight

WHF is pleased to feature the WHF Member Spotlight. Each month we will feature a different WHF member.


Alexandria, VA


Fun Fact
I’ve been an Adjunct Professor at University of Maryland and a Guest Lecturer at Johns Hopkins University. Now, I’m working with an amazing group of individuals to create a disposable alcohol detection patch that allows students, and their friends, to know that “blue means No”.


Describe your journey in the financial services industry and how your career has evolved to your current position.
I’ve worked in the Financial Services industry throughout my career. As an associate/senior associate in Booz Allen Hamilton’s commercial business, where I supported Financial Services clients in the US and Europe; as a Director and Officer at Freddie Mac, where I led transformation efforts in the Capital Markets, Single Family, and IT divisions and served as Chief of Staff to the CEO and Chief Procurement Officer; and at Ampcus, a global technology company, where I lead Customer Success and support clients in one our largest industry segments.


What do you love most about what you do?
I love to learn about new technology, what makes it special, and how it can help companies optimize performance and gain competitive advantage. I really enjoy moving beyond just reading about new technology to working with our Innovation Labs to play with it. This removes the mystery and breaks it down to understand whether its incremental innovation or truly disruptive innovation that can create new markets and value networks. This also lets me play consultant, which I love to do, and work with our teams to understand how the new technology mixes with other technology – and what vulnerabilities it may have, then build frameworks and accelerators that help customers to successfully adopt the new technology and achieve tangible success.


Because today’s Financial Services companies are really technology companies, I’m fortunate enough to support an industry that’s continually pushing the limits of how technology can improve the customer experience and company performance.


Mentoring small businesses, reading, and being a puppy momma.


How long have you been a member of WHF?
Two years


Describe your involvement with WHF.
I have attended various WHF events (e.g., breakfast events, lunch events, other special events). I also worked with WHF to coordinate a panel event on Cybersecurity in Financial Services and cybersecurity immersion playground for the 2019 Annual WHF Conference. I am also proud that my company, Ampcus, is a WHF sponsor.


What have you gained from being a member?
My involvement with WHF exposed me to diverse topics impacting the Mortgage and Financial Services industries, including perspectives from the individuals who are influencing and driving industry changes, and industry-leading companies that sustain and reshape those industries.


How do you make the best use of your day?
I’m a morning person, so I like to get settled and start the day early. This gives me time to produce work that requires a fresh mind and the ability to focus.


Who or what inspires you?
Working for a women-owned business and having the opportunity to meet many women leaders throughout my career, I’m awed by their intelligence, passion, strength of character, and ability to juggled so many things. I’m equally inspired by the “he for she” men who advocate for and support women. I can honestly say that I would not have enjoyed the opportunities I’ve fortunate enough to experience in my career without the support from men, such as Jay Davis, Joe Rossi, Rob Lux, Salil Sankaran, and others.



April 2020 - Donna Howell, SVP, Customer Success, Ampcus

March 2020 - Julia Tishman, Director, Federal Government Relations, TIAA

February 2020 - Tim McTaggart, General Counsel, Forethought Advisors LLC & Partner, McTaggart Law Office 

January 2020 - Elizabeth M. Young LaBerge, Senior Regulatory Compliance Counsel at the National Association of Federally-Insured Credit Unions (NAFCU)

November 2019 - Peggy Twohig, Assistant Director for Supervision Policy, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau 

October 2019 - Peter Judge, Manager of Government Relations, Crowe LLP

September 2019 - Kris Kully, Partner, Mayer Brown 

July 2019 - Kristin McGovern, Managing Director, Fannie Mae

June 2019 - Jenny Menna, Senior Vice President, Business Security Solutions, U.S. Bank

May 2019 - Nancy Weissgold, Partner and Co-Leader of the Consumer Finance Team, Alston & Bird, LLP

April 2019 - Chastity Abrom, Mortgage-Backed Securities Specialist, Ginnie Mae, Office of Securities Operations

March 2019 - Gisele Roget, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Single Family Housing, Federal Housing Administration

February 2019 - Monda Raquel Webb, Consultant, Monda Media LLC 

January 2019 - Jonice Gray Tucker, Partner, Buckley Sandler LLP 

December 2018 - Alma Angotti, Navigant, Managing Director, Co-Head of Global Investigations and Compliance

November 2018 - Michele Lieber, President, BluePoint DC

October 2018 - Dionne Joemah, Deputy General Counsel, District of Columbia Department of Housing and Community Development

September 2018 - Lindsey Johnson, President, U.S. Mortgage Insurers (USMI)

August 2018 - Bernadette Kogler, Co-founder & CEO, RiskSpan; Co-founder, SmartLink Lab

July 2018 - Lawrence Kaplan, Chair, Bank Regulatory Practice, Paul Hastings LLP

April 2018 - Dina Ellis Rochkind, Of Counsel, Paul Hastings LLP

March 2018 - Marti Tirinnanzi, President and CEO, Financial Standards, Inc.

February 2018 - Janis Smith, Board of Governors, National Housing Conference

November 2017 - Mary Pat Denney, Managing Director, Risk Initiative Vertical, The Oakleaf Group

September 2017 - Joanna Girardin Shapiro, Managing Director, Global Client Management, Bank of New York Mellon

July 2017 - Mary Martha Fortney, President, The Fortney Group

June 2017 - Kris Kully, Partner, Mayer Brown

May 2017 - Lee Ann Hoover, Financial Services Advisory and Compliance, Navigant Inc.

April 2017 - Faith Arnold Schwartz, Chairman, HLP, Principal, HFSS, LLC, Advisor to Accenture Credit Services

March 2017 - Debbie Matz, Board Member, Mutual of Omaha Bank; Advisory Board OpenDoor Trading LLP